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JOURNEY MARCH는 기획, 디자인 기반의 콘텐츠 스튜디오입니다. 
인문학적인 관점과 세련된 디자인 감각을 바탕으로 다양한 시각적 스토리텔링을 전달합니다.

JOURNEY MARCH is a content studio based on planning and design.

We offer various visual story based on a humanistic perspective and sophisticated design sense.

Work History


Hyosung - Brand Animation 'The Great Journey with Hyosung'

Hyosung - Brand Vision Film

Hyosung Heavy Industries - Public Media Art 'Hyosung Heavy Industries 'ESG'

Hyosung Advanced Materials - Brand Film

Hyosung Advanced Materials - Digital Marketing PR Film

Hyundai Steel - 3i Solution Promo Film

Kumkang - HERITAGE 7 Promo Film

Nouhaus - Orbit Promo Film at CES 2024


Hyosung - NFT town Key Visual Design

Hyosung - NFT town Brand Animation Film

SKT - UAM B.I Logo Design

SKT - UAM Promo Film

Hyundai Motor - Mobil Switch Animation Film

Korea Media Rating Board - 2023 Korean Movie Rating Video

Kumkang - Landrover Hydro Promo Film

KB Capital - chachacha DOOH Animation Film

​회사소개서 (Company Introduction)

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